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Topaz Information

Most topaz is light brown when mined and then turns colourless after exposure to light or low heat.  Yellow, orange and pink topaz are highly regarded.  Good brilliance and hardness also add to their value.  High quality, yellow-orange topaz may cost several hundred dollars per carat whereas citrine quartz of similar colour and quality may sell for less than $35 a carat. Due to the price difference, some sellers call citrine quartz, which is widely available, “quartz topaz” or even “topaz” to make it sound more expensive. Prior to the 18th century, all yellow stones and some green ones were usually called “Topaz.” Even today, some miners refer to almost any yellow stone as a topaz. Therefore, when buying topaz, ask the seller to specify on the receipt that it is genuine topaz and not quartz or another gemstone.

Natural pink topaz is the most valuable of all and the more intense colours demand the higher prices

The richer blue topaz is produced by irradiating and then heating certain colourless material.  Green topaz does not occur naturally and is diffusion treated.

RI:  1.61-1.64 SG:  3.50-3.57 Hardness:  8 Toughness:  Poor
Treatments:  Blue is usually heated and irradiated, pink & red is usually heated; green is diffusion treated
Care Tips:  Avoid ultrasonic cleaners, steamers, rough handling, and rapid cooling or heating
Value:  Imperial topaz from $200 to $2000 USD per carat
            Blue topaz up to $20 USD per carat (Newman, 2003)

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